July 11, 2012

DIK at the III Moscow International Biennale for Young Art

The Biennale includes "Alternatives in Print. Selected Fanzines" project curated by Viktor Neumann

Under A Tinsle Sun
III Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, 2012
Alternatives in Print. Selected Fanzines 
The Central House of Artists
10 Krymsky Val, Moscow
July 10th – August 10th 2012

Titled "Under A Tinsle Sun", the III Moscow International Biennale for Young Art creates a special display for selected international fanzines and self-published print runs. Under the title "Alternatives in Print. Selected Fanzines", the biennial highlights this form of artistic production, acknowledging the significance of publishing practices in their historical impact and particular contemporary relevance. The display within the biennial will present various fanzines from all over the world, giving the audience the opportunity to study and discuss its heterogeneous aesthetic and discursive formations due to the biennial’s premise to aspire to the catalisation of multidimensional and alternative perceptions of “reality”.


...ment, _Quarterly, 2HB, A Circular, APE, A Wikipedia Reader, Bad Day, Bartholomew, Basso Magazin, Bend Over, B.L.A.D., Charlatan, Chimurenga, Club Donny, Dejà Vu, der:die:das, Dik Fagazine, Doubting, Ein Magazin über Orte, Elk, Fantasyzine, ffwd_mag, Instant, Journal of Aesthetics & Protest, Junglecrap, Kaugummi Magazine, Laser Magazine, Linear Manual, Loofy Magazin, Madame Wang, Mat, Matt Magazine, Me & My Friends, Now, Occulto, PWR PAPER, Quick, Romka Magazine, Rong Wrong, Schizm, Sexual, Tell mum everything is ok, The Coelacanth Journal, The Federal, The Old New York, This Week, Untitled, USELESS, Veneer Magazine, Versuch, Year, Zeroxwallah

Photo by Alexander Izvekov

DIK at Konsthallen in Gothenburg

Book on the Fritz #3

Göte­borgs Kon­sthall
Gote­borg, Sweden

May 30th to June 3rd 2012


Studio SM, Sophie Mörner/Capricious Publishing, Conny Karlsson, Melissa Gordon & Marina Vishmidt (LABOUR), Bitte Andersson, Kajsa Dahlberg, Girls Like Us, RANDY, Capricious Magazine, Clara Johansson, Occasional Papers & Kaisa Lassinaro (Born in Flames), DIK Fagazine, Karolina Bång, Bart de Betes & Sandra Kassenaar (Success and Uncertainty), AA Bronson, Sleeperhold Publications, Chitra Ganesh, The Queer Zine Archive Project, Little Joe Magazine, 88Books, Disismaineim, Hanna Gustavsson, Kolbeinn Karlsson, Emelie Östergren, Christina Damgaard, Lisa Jonasson, Mellan regn och sol, FUL Art Magazine

photo by Camilla Iliefski