December 8, 2011

DIK Fagazine "BEFORE ’89" issue premiere at Printed Matter

Launch and Discussion
DIK Fagazine, Issue 8. BEFORE '89
Karol Radziszewski in Conversation with Boshko Boskovic

Saturday, December 10, 5-7 PM
Printed Matter, Inc.
195 Tenth Avenue New York, NY 10011

DIK Fagazine is happy to invite you for the New York premiere of our newest "BEFORE ’89" issue at Printed Matter. Join us for a launch event Saturday, December 10th, 5-7PM, with editor Karol Radziszewski discussing topics addressed in the issue with Boshko Boskovic, Program Director of Residency Unlimited. The talk will start at 6PM.

The newest issue of DIK Fagazine, "BEFORE ’89," is the culmination of extensive archive work, as well as travels across Europe. Drawing from a range of contributors, the magazine traces a cultural legacy specific to Poland, while following a trail through Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Serbia, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Wolfgang Tillmans, who first visited Warsaw in 2011, provides an account of the anniversary of the plane crash in Smolensk, celebrated in the overblown national-religious vein of the Polish right. Bruce LaBruce’s contribution gives the impression that he's describing a time when communism is alive and well, and not Poland in the year 2000.

The publication explores park cruising areas, train stations, beaches and other casual hook-up spots. Ryszard Kisiel shares the astonishing story of his zine titled "Filo", Slava Mogutin uncovers the story of homosexuals in the Soviet Gulags, and "BEFORE ‘89" conducts a search investigation for Michel Foucault’s Polish lover.

Contributors of DIK Fagazine 8th issue include Arobal, Wojciech Bąkowski, Bruce LaBruce, Boris L. Davidovich, Andrej Dubravsky, Paul Dunca, Christine Fenzl, Nan Goldin, Kamil Julian, Ryszard Kisiel, Slava Mogutin, Jaanus Samma and Wolfgang Tillmans.

DIK Fagazine is available at Printed Matter or online here

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