June 4, 2011


The BOYS TOYS exhibition was opened last night. It was really hot – pictures to be seen soon. On the occasion of this show the unique limited edition zine was published. It features Karol Radziszewski's interviews with Gio Black Peter, Andrej Dubravsky, Brian Kenny and selection of their works. Don't miss that!

Here are some extracts:

KAROL: Fetish?
GIO: I like to fuck guys when they have a fever or cold. Its cuz their body temperature rises. Crying also turns me on.

KAROL: As well as your reproductions, you have sent one of the journalists nude photos, explaining that due to your poor English you’ve decided to use any means necessary? Does the fact that you look so sexy help you in your career as an artist? Any examples?
ANDREJ: Hah it´s not so easy! I have also lots of haters, because I have some kind of success and I am young (and maybe sexy). People don't take you serious, when you look like me! First of my paintings were  bought mostly by my lovers, but now it´s different. My gallerist Jiri Svestka, who is selling my paintings on the Armorry Show, or on the Volta Show in Basel, is straight (I suppose), and  collectors there know nothing about my "beauty". When you are going to spend thousands of dollars for a painting, a hotness level of a painter is irrelevant. But once I sold a drawing via Xtube, (no, I can´t tell you my nickname!). I am very thankful for all the horny guys who like photographs of myself and even my art on facebook! They make me active permanently. Thank you boys :-* !!!

KAROL: Perfect boyfriend?
BRIAN: Perfect people get boring fast! Instead of one perfect boyfriend, I’d rather have a small army of imperfect boys and girls to fulfill my every sexual desire! Like a couple of cocky muscle dudes for those times when I want to be a submissive slut followed by a sensual massage from some sexy  girls to make me feel like a man again!  Throw in some horny twinks, perhaps a midget and some hot guy in a wheelchair and I’ll be in heaven! That’s perfection.

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